Q.  How should I pay for my lesson? 

A.  We accept payment through our Paypal portal.  Address is  ( please do not tick the box that says paying for goods & services as a fee will be deducted from your payment.) We do not have the facilities to accept debit/credit card payments at this time. 


Q.  What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

A.  If you have to cancel your booking for any reason you must telephone our office on 01738 630040 or send us an email to We would be most grateful if you would not use social media for this process. If the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before the starting time the cancellation fee is the full price of the  booking made. If the cancellation is made more than 24 hours before the starting time there will be no charge. 


Q.  Do you  have a weight limit for riders?

A.  Yes our weight limits are as follows:

      12st for balanced riders (this includes tack and riding gear)

      11st for unbalanced riders (this includes tack and riding gear)


Q.  What should I wear? 

A.   Suitable trouser types are jeggings, jeans or jodhpurs along with a sensible type of shoe or boot with a small heel. Trainers are not recommended for safety reasons. Coats, when worn, must be zipped or buttoned up. Riders should not wear skirts or shorts. 


Q.  Do I need to bring my own riding hat? 

A.  No, hats will be provided which will be up to the current BSEN.


Q.  How many ponies do you have? 

A.  We have a total of 12 horses and ponies which are used for RDA lessons and horse care. Please visit the Our Horses drop down tabs for information on each one. 


Q.  Am I insured?

A.  Yes, you will be covered under the Charity's Insurance Policy. 


Q.  Can we ride outside?

A.  We have a purpose built all weather indoor arena which is light and airy.  We also have an outdoor ring which is suitable for 1 horse and rider, however this is dependent upon weather conditions and availability of Instructors/Coaches. Our outdoor track is used during the good weather spells to take the children and ponies out of the arena for a small walk around our pond area.  


Q.  Do I need a helper to come with me? 

A.  Yes. Due to the current government social distancing measures in place a member of your household will be required to help with mounting/dismounting and leading the horse if the rider is not capble of doing so themselves.