Horse care for disabled participants

As an alternative or in addition to horse riding disabled and additional support needs participants can do horse care. We offer proficiency tests for this activity but for some the joy of simple interaction with our equines will provide benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level. 


As well as learning how to groom a horse or pony participants will be given the opportunity to learn:

  • What equipment to use
  • What horses/ponies eat and Drink.
  • To name parts of the horse/pony and the tack used. 
  • How to approach a horse/pony.
  • To clean out stables.
  • To put on rugs.
  • To name breeds of horses/ponies.
  • To recognise markings on a horse/pony.
  • To plait horse/pony’s hair
  • To pick out horse/pony’s hoof.
  • To tack up a horse/pony.
  • Be able to recognise different types of bedding.
  • Know how to catch a horse/pony, lead in hand and know how to tie up correctly. 

This activity is particularly good for disabled people that love being around horses but have a fear of riding them or for someone that, due to weight restrictions, are unable to ride with us at this time.


Duration:  30 minutes sessions

Cost:  minimum donation £12.00

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