Leave A Legacy


Maybe you have direct experience of how Kinfauns RDA changes lives, or maybe you want to do something amazing to help others. Either way remembering Kinfauns RDA in your will can make a real difference. Your gift will help to ensure that particpants both now and in the future can benefit from the therapy, achievement and enjoyment of riding and horse care.

Gifts may be large or small; what matters is the huge difference they make.

With your legacy we can:

Help more disabled people to benefit from our life changing activities.

Offer more opportunities for improved mobility, independence, social inclusion, confidence building and fun.

There are different types of legacy:

1) A PECUNIARY LEGACY - A specific sum of money.

2) A RESIDUARY LEGACY - The amount left over in your estate after all other pecuniary legacies and gifts have been made and after all administrative costs have been deducted. This type of legacy keeps pace with inflation and is the best way for the charity to benefit from your bequest.

3) A GIFT IN KIND - Bequeathing specific items such as your house, car, jewellery, share etc.

Amending your existing will can be done by using a simple form called a codicil. Your Solicitors can help you draft this so you do not need to completely rewrite your will.

It goes without saying we will be very moved and grateful if you choose to support us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss how we would use your legacy to benefit either our serices users, horses or volunteers.

Please call us on 01738 630040

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